Thursday, December 10, 2009

Macrame and stones hand-knitted top

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!
Here i'll be posting products of our company UNIQUA studio.
They are either unique (one piece only) or boutique (a few of them). The quality is always first-class.
You can find our online store here:
I'll be also including photography work for those of you guys, who are addicted or simply love art :)
For more information please see the about section.

I decided to start with this gorgeous top.
Here a few words for the product:
hand knitted top in one piece only with swarovski, pearls and beads.

 The color is light grey, size: S-M (it has adjustable bands on the back)
 It's made of 100% viscose, with elements of macrame. 

I really hope you'll enjoy my blog. Will be happy to hear what you think :)

Smile everybody and stay positive

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