Monday, December 28, 2009

YEY some new listings :)

Hey eveyone, have a look at my new listings on etsy and let me know what you think, do you know someone who wears dresses? Forward her to me! :)

Enjoy! And stay tunned for more these days!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Happy Merry Christmas! Wish you health, luck, success, love and creativity :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bonus shot learn to fly

let her teach you how to fly :)) and's not collage!

she's got the jack

I absolutely love this session. We made it in a rainy day, but i'm happy with the result, my favorite model of all times :)
please let me know what you think :)
photography & dress: UNIQUA studio


all rights reserved.

Black and white cocktail prom DRESS

This cool black and white dress is made of elastic jersey and is from the new collection.
The belt is made of satin with black beads. On the back there's inserted elastic. On the bust inside are inserted soft bra-cups. The dress matches great to a lot of shoes and bags due to it's color.
size: S-M


For lovers of classic colors :)
please leave your comments below

Extravagant ART green DRESS one piece only

UNIQUE green art dress in ONE piece only, made of green elastic jersey, big gradate sequins and green satin lace. This dress looks great on different types of figure.
Inside it has build-in soft bra-cups. size:uni


hope you'll enjoy it!
love to all

Short Evergreen DRESS

Boutique neat short dress.
Made of green jersey with black satin lace and tracery, green beads. On the back it has elastic.
Gorgeous dress you can wear it as casual, everyday or as cocktail dress, it's multi-applicable.
size: S
This dress you can order the size you want




one of my favorite portraits i've ever made, wanted to share it with you

Fresh turquoise DRESS

Stay Fresh&Young with turquoise!

Boutique turquoise, very young and fresh dress, made of effective semi-transparent fabric with silver thread inside. Underneath it has beige jersey lining.
Removable, adjustable belt, which you can wear as you like. The shoulder-straps are made of black impressive material, which looks like snake-skin. The real color is shown on the paris doll :)
size: S-M



 stay cool :)



AU I&II session

Two photographs made to advertise our dresses :))


Macrame satin lace necklace

Boutique hand-knitted macrame necklace. It's made of satin lace with mineral stones, pearls and effective beads.
The color is light green, the lace is golden beige.
It matches great with the dress (see photos below).
size: we will fit this to the size the buyer wants




Hand-knitted SET of necklace and gloves

Boutique hand-knitted set of necklace and gloves.
This gorgeous set is made of 100% cotton yarn, mineral stones and effective buttons.
It looks great with basic top and jeans.
The color is middle grey. On the back it fastens with the same effective buttons which are on the front.
size: uni




I love it hope you'll too :)

Macrame hand-knitted stones necklace

Boutique hand-knitted necklace made of satin lace with swarovski and mineral stones. The colors of this stunning jewel are gold and silver.
You can wear this in two different ways (as shown on the pictures)tight or loose.
On the back it has beautiful buttons with small pearls on them.
size: uni




Stay unique everyone :)

Macrame hand-knitted gothic style necklace

Let me show you some of the accessories from UNIQUA studio and let me know what you think about them :))



Boutique hand-knitted macrame necklace in gothic style. This gorgeous piece is made of two differend yarns - black and graphite grey and has black beads on it.
size: uni (adjustable with the buttons on the back)
I think, that we can make this also in another color, please if you're interested let me know! :)
Wish you peace in the heart

Extravagant blouse ONE piece only

Sexy blouse, you can wear it with black simple bra, with this top or over another tight blouse:)



Unique long-sleeve black elastic blouse - very attractive ONE piece only!
You can wear this gorgeous blouse in 3 ways: with or without bands. It has innovative sleeves.
Size: uni
If you're interested in buying this as a set (with the top, shown on the pictures) please leave me a comment :)

Macrame knitted short top

Don't want to bother you with many words, so just a few letters :)))



Boutique macrame hand-knitted short-top in peachy-pink color.
It has shade beads and is made of 100% cotton. You can wear this 2 ways as shown on the pictures, if wanted the bands can be shorten. This looks great even with jeans.
size: S-M (adjustable laces on the back)
Greets and love

Macrame another knitted top

Hehe i want to show you this too!
Boutique hand-knitted top.




 This stunning top is made of 100% navy blue cotton with graphite beads.
Size: uni (it's adjustable on the back with cord and stoppers)
please leave comment :)

Macrame hand-knitted top

Well... i think i have to proceed with the serie haha :)
On your attention -> hand-knitted top.
It's amazing because you can wear it over a simple basic shirt and you'll be always unique!

There're beads on it. On the back it's crossed.
Size: uni
smile everybody!

Macrame hand-knitted dress

Here i'm showing you really amazing and rare as technique hand-knitted dress. I haven't seen such different dress in my whole life ever really! I'm a big fan of it, think it's for the bravest clients :)Here some info:

Boutique hand-knitted macrame dress in light grey with beads.
It has black elastic lining.
Size S

Beautiful and rare as technique.

  Will love to read what you think :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Macrame and stones hand-knitted top

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!
Here i'll be posting products of our company UNIQUA studio.
They are either unique (one piece only) or boutique (a few of them). The quality is always first-class.
You can find our online store here:
I'll be also including photography work for those of you guys, who are addicted or simply love art :)
For more information please see the about section.

I decided to start with this gorgeous top.
Here a few words for the product:
hand knitted top in one piece only with swarovski, pearls and beads.

 The color is light grey, size: S-M (it has adjustable bands on the back)
 It's made of 100% viscose, with elements of macrame. 

I really hope you'll enjoy my blog. Will be happy to hear what you think :)

Smile everybody and stay positive