Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starting some promotions

Hey everyone :)
I decided to start some promotions from today. They'll take place in my blog, but will be connected with my both etsy accounts: uniquastudio (daily & special ocassions clothing) and unikalinka (nail art tips and photography).

First you want to do is to be sure to subscribe to my blog, this will guarantee you'll stay posted for new cool discounts, sales and promotions. Then if you like you can subscribe to my youtube or twitter for more updates ( ;

Take a walk through my shops:   and

-10% discount code: WildRose10:
Please send me a message before buying, place the code as a subject and i'll make a private listing for you with the new price.
This code is valid until 1st November 2010 12:00pm GMT.
Note that the nails are unique, no one but you will wear them. Let's see who's faster.:)

Feel free to invite your friends to my blog. They can also receive a future discount, when following my posts.
Have more positive energy and stay unique :)



  1. I saw your shrug on etsy and I love them! They are beautiful!!