Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Hello everyone,
well..the past year is already gone! And this is the point to start something new! No matter if you'll create new art pieces, make great jewelry or do hand-made bath products (mbell34, yes i mention you!:))
The New Year is always a good "exuse" to start something new, here're my suggestions and wishes for you:

1. Be more POSITIVE!
2. Be Brave and follow your dreams!
3. Be GOOD with people around you!
4. Be Healthy and take care of your body and soul! :))

With this shot, i want to show you that EVERYTHING'S POSSIBLE! :)

Also to show you that i'm wishing the same things for me, here's something everybody have to see. It's about Charity. With buying products from this site, you'll support poor people from around the world. The money you'll spend on them, will go to help the artists, who made them. So please have a look:

Once again: Have a wonderful New year! Follow your dreams, support the others and be good with people around you! And soon you'll feel how the world is going to be more  kind-hearted and filling with sunshine your soul!

Thank you everyone for supporting UNIQUA studio!

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